Are you ready to take your Investing Career to the next level?

CFC Mentorship Program

Supercharging the Careers of Investors, Real Estate Entrepreneurs, and Capital Raisers

What Students Will Receive

10 modules that will help you identify and achieve your real estate goals

3+ hours of HD videos

Over 100 due diligence questions for every real estate investment

Weekly 1-hr calls with other students for the first month of the mentorship –led by Hunter Thompson

Excel template underwriting models for self-storage, mobile home parks, office, retail, and multi-family

Analysis of 5 previous investment opportunities

30 bonus daily educational videos

Tools to 10x your productivity and automate your workflow

Our complete list of service providers and contractors so you can get started immediately without hiring and firing for months (we took years to perfect this list)

Network with other mentorship graduates

Opportunity to partner with CFC to leverage your network with our track record (significantly reducing upfront costs)

30-day 100% money back guarantee


Setting and Accomplishing Your Real Estate Goals
Establishing, Growing, and Activating Your Investor Base
Taking a Deep Dive into CRE Vocabulary
Expert Due Diligence for Passive CRE Investors
Underwriting Models for Popular CRE Asset Classes
Analyzing Previous Investment Opportunities
Selecting, Creating, and Utilizing the Most Effective Legal Structure
Building a Brand that Establishes Credibility
Tips, Hacks, and Service Providers That Will 10x Your Productivity
to Influence Investors

Who This Program is For

  • Knowledgeable CRE investors who are looking to turn their investment expertise into an income-generating business
  • Accredited investors who want more diversification in passive, syndicated investments
  • Beginner CRE entrepreneurs who are looking for a real estate mentor, but donʼt know who to trust
  • Recent college graduates who want to blow their next CRE job interview out of the water
  • Real estate agents who want to provide investment opportunities for their clients

Why Hunter Thompson and CFC?

This program provides students an opportunity to be mentored by Hunter Thompson, Founder and Managing Principal
of Cash Flow Connections (CFC). Since starting CFC, Hunter has helped investors allocate capital to over 100
properties, which have a combined asset value of more than $350,000,000. In 2017, his firm invested more than
$7,000,000 of equity and purchased



of commercial real estate.

Hunter has experience passively investing in…

Self-Storage Facilities

Residential Mortgage Notes

Mobile Home Parks

Residential Properties

Hard Money Loans

Office Buildings

Multi Family Apartments

Hunter has recently been featured on...


Only FIVE Applicants Will Be Accepted

3/5 Sold

There is a maximum of 5 spots available for the March 1, 2017 program. Based on current interest levels, it is very likely
that the Mentorship Program will be at capacity prior to the February 28th, 2017 deadline. In order to apply for the
program, please submit your deposit by following the link below.

The goal of the program is not to sell educational content, but to build life-long relationships with investors and real
estate entrepreneurs. Because of this, not all applicants will be accepted.

Any applicants who are not accepted will receive a refund for their deposit within 10 business days.

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